La jungla at Seamus 2016

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The conference will be held Feb 11 – 13, 2016 at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.  The conference will migrate between the downtown area and the university with the hope of bringing music and media art to the public.

The theme of SEAMUS 2016 is Transvergence. When paths converge at a basis, rather than simply diverge along their previous trajectories, the paths can instead veer along a transvergent trajectory outside the foreseen boundaries implied by pre-convergent momentum.

While convergence and divergence are simple linear extrapolations that proceed by strategies of alignment transvergence advances translinearly by tactics of derailment. … convergence and divergence contain the hidden assumption that the true in either a cultural or an objective sense is a continuous landmass. Transvergence recognises true statements to be islands in an alien archipelago sometimes only accessible by leaps flights and voyages on vessels of artifice   – from Marcos Novak’s “Speciation, Transvergence, Allogenesis: Notes on the Production of the Alien”