Catalog of compositions

TitleInstrumentationDurationAudio sample
4 flutes quartetFlute quartet (doubling with piccolo)4'
6 inchesBig band5'
2 studies for solo bass clarinetBass clarinetAfter Toots
After Thad Jones
7 cornos 7French horn septet6'
A rare form of kleptomaniaInstrument and computer. Variable
AbductionOboe, clarinet in Bb and bassoon9'15''
AbyssalFrench horn, 2 trombones and tuba5'45''
Capricho for clarinet and youth orchestraSolo clarinet in Bb and orchestra 6'15''
Clarinet quartet N13 Bb and bass10' (app.)
Colors Full orchestra10'
Concerto for hornFrench horn and string orchestra
Crippled tangoBass clarinet and piano7'
Danzas circularesString quartet9'55''
DominoBass clarinet, electric guitar, double bass and drums4'45''
DyslexiaFrench horn and electronics7'
For saxophone and pianoAlto sax and computerVariable
Furia kurtalBassoon6'
Giant shapesPrepared clarinet and computer6'20''
Girls talkFlute, oboe and clarinet in Bb
Inner bluesVibraphone (optional video)6'18''
Introduction, theme and variations for reeds trio and string orchestraOboe, clarinet in Bb, bassoon and string orchestra9'50''
Is it 6:30 yet?Big band5'05''
LamngenString orchestra (elementary level)9'20''
LeonardoBig band6'05''
Líneas y manchasSymphonic orchestra and improviser14'
MimicClarinet in Bb and computer5'30''
Minute fluteAlto flute1'
NesticoFlute, clarinet in Bb and piano9'
Not exactly what I meanBass clarinet, electric guitar, double bass and drums4'
Now that you are hereBass clarinet and computer8'10''
Nunca tan lejosVibraphone, electronics and video11'
OrnetBass clarinet and computer9' (variable)
ParesGuitar quartet5'
Piano concertoSolo piano and mixed ensemble
(Fl(picc), Ob, Cl in Bb (prepared clarinet in BbA, Bass), Bsn, Percussion (snare drum, 3 tom-toms, gong, triangle, 1 suspended cymbal, xylophone, vibraphone), Trpt in Bb, Hrn, Trb, String quintet (2 vlns., vla, vlc, dbass)
RecontextualizationsSolo instrumentVariable
SkizoFull orchestra11'
Small big bandMixed ensemble (4 Fl(1 doubles with piccolo), 2 Bb Cl, AS, BS, Trp, 2 Perc (3 toms, snare, open ride, bass drum, shot, vibraphone)9'10''
So longClarinet choir8'
Piano sonatinaPiano10'
Sounds within soundsFlute choir
Static motionPiano + fixed media7'30''
Suite for clarinet and string orchestraClarinet in Bb, string orchestra1- Danza 3'10''
2- Elegía 2'15''
3- Visiones 3'40''
Taim is moniBassoon and piano
The end unpluggedAlto flute, Alto sax and piano9'
The invisible hand2 violas and electronics (optional video)14'
Urban designClarinet in Bb and guitar7'
WallsFlute nonet10'
While luluBandoneon, bass clarinet and strings6'
Woodwind quartetFlute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon6'


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