Works for piano / Obras para piano

     Piano Concerto. (version by Sung Im Kim Piano with the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble Dir. Walter Morales)

Sonatina (version by Gabriel Scampino)

          1- Lento y muy rubato

          2- Lento fúnebre

          3- Alegro diabólico

     tele- (version by Walter Morales)

     Static motion (version by Seunhye Kim)

Chamber music / Música de cámara

    Is it 6:30 yet? (Big Band) (version by the Koncon Big Band, dir. John Ruocco)

    Leonardo (Big Band) (version by the UT Big Band, dir. Keith Brown, tenor, Alex Reyes)

    6 inches (Big Band) (version by the UT Big Band, dir. Keith Brown, tenor, Alex Reyes)

    Inner blues (solo vibraphone) (version by Emory Hensley)

     Crippled tango (for bass clarinet and piano. Version by Cecilia Frias, piano and Sebastian Tozzola, bass clarinet)

     Small big band (Michael Douty Conductor)

     4 flutes quartet (version by the Lago flute quartet)

     Abduction (reeds trio) (version by the Vientos Trio)

     Danzas circulares (string quartet) (version by the Tosca String Quartet)

     Woodwind quartet (version by la Sociedad de los 5 vientos)

Clarinet quartet N1

          1- Statement

          2- Deceptive palindrome

          3- Final statement

     Walls (flutes nonet) (version by the University of Florida Flute Choir, Dir. Kristen Stoner)

El sombrerudo (clarinet and string trio)

          1- Baguala

          2- Carnaval de niños

     Girls Talk (woodwind trio, version by the Tritones ensemble VCSU)

     The end unplugged (alto sax, alto flute and piano, version by Excelsior! Trio, Concordia College)

Music for orchestra with or without soloists / Música para orquesta con o sin solistas

Suite for clarinet and String Orchestra

          1- Danza

          2- Elegia

          3- Visiones

     Skizo (for Orchestra)

     Variations for reeds trio and String Orchestra

     Lamngen (for Youth String Orchestra)

     Capricho for clarinet and Youth Orchestra

     Colors (for Orchestra)

     Romanza (F. Poulenc – orchestration: J. Variego)

     A child is born (Thad Jones Arr. Jorge Variego)

Electronic media / Medios electrónicos

     The invisible hand – for 2 violas and computer (version by Daphne Gerling and Hillary Herndon)

     Nunca tan lejos – for vibraphone and computer (version by Roberto Oliveira – excerpt)

     A rare form of kleptomania – for bass clarinet and computer (version by Jorge Variego, live SCI 50th National Conference)

     Sexual chocolate porter. version by the Stoka Ensemble. Tomer Baruch

     Mimic – for clarinet in Bb and Joystick

     Giant shapes – for prepared clarinet in Bb/A and Computer

     Magia negra – for fixed media (stereo)

     Now that you are here – for bass clarinet and computer

     La jungla – for fixed media (stereo)

     For saxophone and piano- for alto saxophone and computer

     Ornet (bass clarinet and computer)

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